Canto: Blessed Leonella Sgorbati

Blessed Leonella Sgorbati

Testo e musica: sr. Abela Ishengoma (2021)

1. Martyr Leonella loving witness of Jesus Christ
You answered the call of God, with deep faith and zeal.
You spent your life proclaiming the word of God
By words and deeds you touched and saved many lives
To the point of shedding blood and died for love of God

At the end God rewarded you with the crown of Martyrdoom,
And divine grace to forgive.
Pray for us Leonella for increase of the same grace.

2. Consolata Missionary, loving, merciful and caring
Leonella good example of consolation.
You treated everyone with love and gentleness,
Made all experience mercy and God’s tenderness
Pray that we continue to be worthy of our name.

3. Promoter of forgiveness, peace, unity and justice,
You wanted all feel equal children of God.
Pray for religious tolerance in Africa
For mutual understanding to all the world.
Leonella pray for us through our Mother Consolata.

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